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“I remember riding with Steve in my helicopter to view potential sites for Rainforest Cafe. I knew Steve was on to something great, and I also knew he had the tenacity to get it done. His story is not only compelling, it’s fun, inspiring and full of sound business advice.”

TrumpDonald J. Trump
Real estate titan, bestselling author and star of the hit TV Show The Apprentice

"It's a Jungle in There is an easy to read book that imparts wisdom on the art of how to turn 'no' into 'yes'. This book should be required reading for all entrepreneurs at any stage of their career.”

IacoccaLee Iacocca
Former President, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Chrysler Corporation and also best selling author

“It’s A Jungle In There” may be my favorite how to business book I have ever read! Steve and I first met when he contacted me about forming a partnership with “Build-A-Bear” to create “Build-A-Dino” for the T-Rex brand. It was the first time I ever considered forming such a partnership but Steve’s passion, enthusiasm, along with a brilliant retail strategy convinced me to give it a chance. The book is a must read for anyone who wants to learn how to get in the game and win and have fun doing it!” Clark
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Bear

“If anyone is king of the jungle, it’s Steven Schussler. From his early days landing his first job as an ad salesman to the development of his wildly innovative Rainforest Cafes and beyond, he’s raised monkeying around to an entrepreneurial art. Entertaining and inspiring, a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs!

MackayHarvey Mackay
Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller
Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

"Steve Schussler gets it. He has been able to create the perfect formula for success, develop a product or service that everyone wants or needs, understand that the word “no” does not exist, treat people as though everyone you meet is THE key to your success, and then have extreme and exceptional passion for all that you do. Wow, this book is a MUST read!”

BisienereMaribeth N. Bisienere
Vice President
Food & Beverage and Merchandise Operations
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide

“Schussler navigates the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life with unquenchable optimism and boundless energy. This smart and colorful guide to success is perfect for anyone with the drive to turn ideas into reality. I laughed out loud--and took good notes."

CoveyDr. Stephen R. Covey
Author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and
The Leader in Me

“Steve Schussler, is one of the best out of the box thinkers, he wants to wow you and touch your heart in the process! He's all about America, Mom, Dad and Apple Pie!”

AndersonLouie Anderson
One of the Funniest and Best Known Comedians in the Business

“Steve Schussler is a genius of sorts with an imagination that makes the castles others build look like pale efforts in comparison. Here’s to the wonderment of someone who has much to teach us all about making dreams come true.”

YarrowPeter Yarrow
From the beloved musical group Peter, Paul, and Mary
Author and Humanitarian

"It's a Jungle in There" is an amazing book on many levels. Not only does the book ignite the reader's hidden creative talents, but it also awakens the reader's philanthropic spirit by devoting a chapter to the importance of giving back. As the founder of Smile Network International (SNI), I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Steven Schussler for dedicating all of his profits from the book to SNI. Steven's act of generosity serves as a true example of walking the walk. Smile Network International is blessed to have Steven as a lifetime member of our advisory board and one of our biggest supporters.

Kim ValentiniKim Valentini &
Peruvian Cleft Child
Smile Network International

"Steve has crafted a compelling and vibrant narrative of the power of taking risks, of letting your imagination run wild, and of turning your passion into a career. Anyone with dreams of entrepreneurship should read it."

RockwellDavid Rockwell
World Renowned Architect
Founder and CEO of The Rockwell Group

“I’ll never forget the first time I met Steve at his house, which was completely transformed into a tropical rainforest – the prototype for Rainforest Cafe. It was incredible!! I immediately knew Steve Schussler was a genius or crazy. Turns out he was an absolute genius.”

SimonHerb Simon
Chairman of the Board Simon Properties (Largest Mall Developer in the United States) Owner Indiana Pacers Basketball Team

“When Steve first pitched the idea for Rainforest Cafe to me, I thought he was out of his mind. Over the course of two years and 27 visits to the Rainforest Cafe prototype in his home, I took the plunge and invested in the idea to help make it become a reality. This easy to read book is also hilarious and should be required reading for any businessperson or entrepreneur.”

BermanLyle Berman
Chairman of the Board and CEO, Lakes Entertainment, Inc.
Founder, World Poker Tour

“Once in a lifetime, someone special is placed on this earth to put sparkles and smiles on the faces of children both young and old. Steve Schussler is this person. As a friend, I have watched in amazement as Steve magically brings to life what others do not see. Optimistic, Passionate, Persevering, and Unstoppable describe one of the greatest entrepreneurs in America. Discover how to make all your wildest dreams come true. This book proves that the American Dream no longer has to be just a dream! ”

AndersonFamous Dave Anderson, Founder
Famous Dave's of America, Inc.
America's Best Tasting Ribs!

“When I first came to see Steve at his office, he took me to his warehouse filled with varied restaurant décor. The laboratory (as he affectionately called it) was appropriately named because Steve is certainly the mad scientist. As soon as I saw his 20 foot tall T-Rex, I knew Steve had done it again, and this time with T-Rex Cafe. Steve is living proof of successful thinking outside ‘the box.’ His book is full of crazy stories and far- fetched ideas, and amazingly they are all true.”

FertittaTilman J. Fertitta
Chairman, President & CEO
Landry’s Restaurants, Inc.-Owner of Rainforest Cafe, Inc. and
T-Rex Cafe, Inc. |

"What a great story about never giving up, no matter what. Great lessons on life and entrepreneurship. Rainforest Cafe is a true All American Dream Story - this book is a must read."

JacobsIrwin Jacobs
World Renowned Entrepreneur and CEO of several large corporations
Former co-owner Minnesota Viking

“Wow!....Steve is truly a master story teller, who brings an unbridled passion to inventing and shaping truly unique culinary and family experiences, creating lasting memories and plenty of magical moments all along the way. He can truly make dreams come true....

This is a must read for those who think they know what perseverance, passion and fun really are…you have NO idea!”

StofikDavid Michael Stofcik
Director, Master Planning & Architecture
Walt Disney Imagineering

It’s A Jungle In There shares valuable information that you don’t learn in school.  I have known Steven Schussler for many years and have always been impressed by his incredible vision, energy and enthusiasm.  Steve’s commitment to guest service goes way beyond the dining experience.  Steve has proven that it is possible to combine unforgettable entertainment experiences with amazing food and engaged employees.  Steve has spent his career reinventing how to create great memories around an unmatched meal experience. 

This book will teach and inspire its readers.  I plan to give copies of the book to friends and colleagues.  This book is for people at every stage of their career – it offers a new way of thinking and solid approaches to achieving success.

Cynthia Kiser MurpheyCynthia Kiser Murphey
President & Chief Operating Officer
New York-New York Hotel & Casino


“Steve Schussler designs from the heart. He is the definition of true passion, as he creates theatrical family attractions, using all five senses. The words “pessimism” and “no” do not exist in his vocabulary. Steve is creative, upbeat, and a visionary who is always fun and positive. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever met. This book is a guide on life and entrepreneurism and a must read!”

ChaoWing Chao
Former Executive Vice President, Master Planning & Architecture
Walt Disney Imagineering

"Some people see things and ask, “Why?” Others see things and ask, “Why not?” Steve Schussler has the gift of vision and the unique ability to turn impossible dreams into reality. Steve turned his Minneapolis suburban home into an actual rainforest to make the vision come alive. I have watched Steve in action for over 25 years, and he is a true inspiration to those with big ideas, passion, persistence, and the courage to dream big. Steve is living the American Dream and this book is pure magic.”

ColemanNorm Coleman
United States Senator (2003 – 2009)

“Steven’s book comes at you just like he does in real life – inspiring, memorable and larger than life! Steven has always been THE most popular and passionate speaker in our classrooms. His book will be a great addition to our curriculum, forcing would-be entrepreneurs to examine themselves and focus on the critical requirements for success. I can’t wait to discuss it with my students – they’re going to love their inspiring trip through the Jungle.”

StavigJohn D. Stavig
Director, Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship
Carlson School of Management - University of Minnesota

"I grew up with Steve in Far Rockaway, New York and we have been friends ever since. For over 40 years, I have seen Steve make the impossible possible. I don’t know anyone more creative or passionate about life. This book is an absolute must read."

GoldmanRobert M. Goldman MD, PhD, DO, FAASP
Chairman of the Board-A4M, World Chairman-International Medical Commission
Chairman-World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
President Emeritus-National Academy of Sports Medicine

“Steve’s energy and tenacity is infectious. He demonstrates the possibilities and opportunities you can have in the USA. No matter how you know him, one thing is for sure -you have to respect his passion and courage. Anyone who wants to have their dreams come true must read this book.”

UcanErcu Ucan
President of Design Source USA
Former SVP of Rainforest Cafe Retail

“Welcome to Steve's world, and it is a jungle in there. It's a place defined by passion, creativity and imagination. It's a place undefined by normal boundaries. And finally, it's a place where the normal laws of gravity don't apply. You can't live in Steve's world, but if you're at all like me, you'll always feel rewarded and recharged for having visited. Taking the trip is well worth your time and trouble.”

GeeDavid Gee
G-Force Marketing Communications, Inc


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